How to search hotels near TICC?
How to go to TICC by MRT?

You can take the MRT Line Red, get off at Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station and get out at Exit 1.

Please also refer to our site at:



How to have the news of latest events in TICC?

Please find the event calendar on TICC website as the link below:


Does TICC have Wi-Fi service?

For guest's convenience, TICC provides free Wi-Fi service throughout the entire facility since 2012, please feel free to use.

Does TICC have lactation rooms?

Our lactation room is located at Floor 6, with refrigerator for temporary storage. If needed, please contact our information counter at Floor 1 for guidance.

Are pets allowed to enter TICC?

For the quality of events, pets are not allowed to enter except guide dogs.

How do your venue rental rates calculated?

The unit of rental rates are quoted per 4-hour (00:00-03:30/03:30-07:30/08:30-12:30/13:30-17:30/18:30-22:30). For more details, please Find our Rental List of Meeting Rooms in Downloads.

Do your meeting room rental rates include taxes?

Yes, taxes are included in all the rental rates of venue, A/V and miscellaneous equipment. 

Is overtime use of venues available?

If the overtime is less than an hour, it will charges a quarter of the rental rates as overtime fee; if it is more than one but less than four hours, the overtime fee will be charged as rental rates. However, overtime use is not available if the following time has been rented by others.

For each rental, do you provide any free equipment?

TICC provides a wired microphone and a wireless microphone, a podium, a reception desk for 3-6 persons, three poster stands, free of charge for each meeting room rental. Any add-ons will be charged as per our rental lists. 

Do your meeting room rental rates include projector, if not, may we use our own projector?

You must rent our project to use unless having our consent.