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A Visual Journey of Discovery of Taipei City, Then and Now
A Visual Journey of Discovery of Taipei City, Then and Now
Taipei city wall was completed in 1884 at the time of the Sino-French War. Provincial Inspector-General Liu Ming-chuan came to Taiwan to oversee military and political administration and based himself in Taipei Walled City, where he supervised the building of government offices and schools, the laying of a railway, and opening of postal and telegram service in the city, laying down the foundation for its later development. After the Japanese gained control of Taiwan in 1895, Taipei City had its ups and downs and, from Retrocession in 1945 on, gradually become prosperous and the most important city in Taiwan.The four sculptures were inspired by the people of past and present including Liu Ming-chuan, and planning, and provide a view of the development of Taipei Walled City. The streets of the walled city are carved into a relief sculpture showing the simple and beautiful landscape of the past.It is well worth looking closely at the history of Taipei, our city.Design explanation:Creative and amusing figures from the past and present are sculpted, they interact and contemplate the City Relief Sculpture.Bronze sculpture:Liu Ming-chuan (132cm, sitting), with a coffee cup in hand, talking to people from today about Taipei City while he drinks.Designer: (175cm, standing), city planner, standing on the street talking with Liu Ming-chuanYoung couple (168cm, standing), leisurely taking a selfie with city relief sculpture as the background.City Relief Sculpture: (300cm*300cm): Based on the 1895 Outline Map of Taipei City, Dadaocheng and Mongka Design and production: Wang Zhi-wen TIME MEMO:All the day address:Wanhua Dist.,Taipei CityIn front of Exit No.1 square of the MRT Ximen station; intersection of Zhonghua Road and Chengdu Road. MRT:Ximen
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