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Baby Boss Job Experience Center
Baby Boss Job Experience Center
The Baby Boss Job Experience Center offers opportunities for children aged 3-15 to experience the assignments of various occupations. Launched in early 2008 on the 7th floor of LIVING MALL, this 7,600 m2 facility is the epitome of a city complete with streets, stores, parks, government buildings, schools and traffic. Through game-oriented experiences, children learn work ethics concerning nearly 50 trades and 70 occupation roles in the city while earning income in the form of freely dispensed BabyBucks. The facility is designed to show children how the real world works in a fun-filled setting, so that it may ignite passion(s) for their aspiring careers early in life. TIME MEMO:Mon.-Thu., 10AM-6PM; Fri.-Sun., 10AM-10PM address:Songshan Dist.,Taipei City7th Floor of LIVING MALL (No. 138, Sec. 4, Bade Rd.) MRT:Nanjing Sanmin
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