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1F Lousia Coffee
The brand’s iconic formula was developed after four years of research. Named after the Italian goddess Louisa, the brand had an endeavor to let all coffee enthusiasts have a cup of fine coffee and a passion for the culture of specialty coffee.
2F Jade Restaurant
For business dinners, wedding feasts, or simply winding down with a drink,the combination of a modern atmosphere and traditional dishes makes Jade Restaurant distinctive. The well-crafted Cantonese cuisine and dim here are not only tasty, but also healthy
3F-Banquet Hall
Decorated with elegant building materials in a minimalist style, the Banquet Hall expresses a grand manner with a unique tone. A creation of interior designer Guan Chuanyang,itselaborate lighting arrangement and mirrors transform the Hall into a sparkling, dreamlike space perfect for weddings and large celebrations. Five-star cuisine and professional wedding consultants are available.
3F-South Lounge/North Lounge
Perfect for escaping the hubbub of the city,both lounges are modern and comfortable. They are most suitable for private gatherings and special occasions. Catered dishes will fulfill a fashionable dining experience.
4F-VIP Dining Hall
A comfortable space fusing fashion with elegance, the VIP Dining Hall is an ideal choice for a variety of activities, company dinners, and weddings. Catered by the Cosmos Hotel TICC Xinyi, executive chef, Shu-Nian Wang will apply his culinary techniques to numerous delicacies.
4F-Elegance Lounge/Joy Lounge