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103 Digital Studio (TAITRA iStudio) Video and live broadcast solution

出租項目103 Digital Studio (TAITRA iStudio) Video and live broadcast solution
租金Plan A: Stand-alone video recording (including green screen)
Plan B: Stand-alone video recording + live broadcast (including green screen)
Plan C: Three-camera video recording + live broadcast (including LED TV wall)
*Please refer to the attached "iStudio Plan" for content and cost.
*You can also bring your own team and rent only the studio space (including lighting and green screen).

In response to increasing demand for online activities and video recording, TICC launched its "103 Digital Studio (TAITRA iStudio)" in March 2021. 103 iStudio covers an area of 138m2 and has a ceiling height of 5.6m. Professionally set up, studio equipment includes:

  • 7m wide green screen
  • 200inch 4K LED display
  • 3 cameras with a teleprompter
  • real-time image matting device

This room is ideal for producing pre-recorded videos and filming activities such as online forums, speeches, briefings, product launches, online year-end events, online courses, product/image promotions, and other video recordings or live broadcasts.

(+886)-2-2725-5200 ext. 3554 (program consultation), ext. 3517 or 3518 (venue reservation)


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  • 附件二_iStudio數位影音工作室-整合服務介紹書.pdfpdf
  • 附件三_TICC 103 iStudio_EDM.pdfpdf